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HRDA came into existence in May 2, 1986.

The objects of the authority is to promote and secure the development of the development area according to plan and for that purpose the authority shall have the power to acquire, hold, manage and dispose of land and other property, to carry out building, engineering, mining and other operations, to execute works in connection with the supply of water and electricity, to dispose sewage and to provide and to maintain other services and amenities and generally to do anything necessary or expedient for purposes of such development and for purpose incidental thereto:

Provided that save as provided in this Act nothing contained in this Act shall be construed as authorizing the disregard by the Authority of any law for the time being in force.

HRDA's official Website is This website was designed by mainly keeping in mind the direct and easy contact of all the persons living in Haridwar. They can directly send their complaints to us, so that we could take proper action towards it.

What's the concern of Haridwar - Roorkee Development Authority

  • Urban Development cannot be at the cost of green landscape.
  • No settlement of rivers rain lands.
  • Stricter policy on land transfers.
  • Decongestion of business and transport canters.
  • Earthquake proof vertical urban expansion.
  • Encourage micro level non-conventional energy generation methods.
  • Prevent encroachments.
  • Priorities corrective actions in HRDA plan, include rehabilitation plans where needed.
  • Zonation concept should be finalized only after identifying land capability classes and conduction environmental impact assessment for various options.
  • Plan provisions must be enforced.
  • Emphasis on non-consumptive use of forests in Haridwar.

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